Abdimas Indonesian Journal http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij <p>Abdimas Indonesian Journal is a biannual journal that published in June and Desember by Civiliza Publishing. The journal is focus on the result of community services and activities by empowering the society through a participatory approach to reach the sustainable development.</p> <p>E-ISSN: <a href="https://issn.lipi.go.id/terbit/detail/20211022290953059" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2808-5094</a></p> Civiliza Publishing en-US Abdimas Indonesian Journal 2808-5094 Pembuatan Media Promosi Untuk Kegiatan Karang Taruna Desa Senang Hati http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/337 <p>Senang Hati Village is one of the developing villages in Malingping Sub-district, Lebak Regency, Banten Province, where the majority of the population is young. Unfortunately, the difficult road conditions in the village mean that young people are less interested in pursuing formal education as high as possible. In addition, the highest public school in Senang Hati Village is only up to junior high school level, so their knowledge and skills are very limited. This also makes the youth of Senang Hati Village lack a sense of responsibility and concern for their village. In fact, the progress of &nbsp;Senang Hati villagse is in the hands of these young people. Departing from the situation analysis, the Community Service Team (PkM) of the Universitas Terbuka (UT) Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) lecturers provided training and assistance in making promotional media that could improve youth skills. These skills can become new jobs for young people so that Senang Hati Village can develop. Training and mentoring is carried out offline and online using Canva. The results of the training and mentoring showed that the youth of Senang Hati Village began to be able to use the Canva application properly. Now they have the initial skills that can support various village promotions and generate income, both for the village and for themselves. The training and mentoring can be continued until the youth of Senang Hati Village.</p> Andi Sylvana Elisabeth Ria Viana Praningtyas Nenah Sunarsih Rakhmini Juwita Andriyansah Andriyansah Imas Maesaroh Ginta Ginting Kurnia Endah Riana Ami Pujiwati Zainur Hidayah Rini Dwiyani Hadiwidjaja Sri Lestari Pujiastuti Mohamad Nasoha Irmawaty Irmawaty Rini Subekti Copyright (c) 2024 Andriyansah Andriyansah, Andi Sylvana, Elisabeth Ria Viana Praningtyas, Nenah Sunarsih, Rakhmini Juwita, Imas Maesaroh, Ginta Ginting, Ami Pujiwati, Zainur Hidayah, Rini Dwiyani Hadiwidjaja, Sri Lestari Pujiastuti, Mohamad Nasoha, Irmawaty, Rini Subekti https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-04-04 2024-04-04 4 2 1 10 10.59525/aij.v4i2.337 Penyuluhan Pendidikan Seksual di SMKN 1 Jakarta http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/342 <p>Adolescence, as an important period of transition from childhood to adulthood, is often marked by a lack of sexual education. Lack of sexual education causes many problems related to sexual deviation and sexual harassment to occur in adolescence. To reduce this problem in teenagers, this community service is carried out to provide knowledge in overcoming the problem of lack of knowledge regarding sexual education. The implemented method involves conducting a seminar at SMK Negeri 1 Jakarta on October 30, 2023, specifically for students of class XI DPIB 1. Data collection is carried out through the completion of a questionnaire comprising eight multiple-choice questions and two essay questions. The preparation stage for the seminar involves the development of content, titles, questions, games, pre and post-test questionnaire links, and prize determination. The presentation of material encompasses aspects of sexual health, sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive organ care, catcalling, and sexual harassment. The question and answer session allows active participation of respondents, facilitating in-depth discussions about their views on these issues. The use of the questionnaire as the primary instrument ensures understanding of key aspects, with a scoring of 10 points for each correct answer to multiple-choice questions. This community service demonstrates the necessity of comprehensive sexual education for adolescents to address reproductive and sexual health issues. Through a positive and interactive approach, it is expected that adolescents can make responsible decisions and possess adequate knowledge regarding their sexual changes. By involving schools and teachers as facilitators, this community service&nbsp; seeks to provide a platform for a better understanding of this sensitive topic in an effort to prevent various negative impacts that may arise due to a lack of sexual education.</p> Aliyah Mu'Adzah Kusuma Widayani Wahyuningtyas Sarah Sabina Andini Ahmad Khoirul Anam Zahwa Maulida Rachenda Rihana Salsabila Khotaman Copyright (c) 2024 Aliyah Mu'Adzah Kusuma, Widayani Wahyuningtyas, Sarah Sabina Andini, Ahmad Khoirul Anam, Zahwa Maulida Rachenda, Rihana Salsabila Khotaman https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-04-06 2024-04-06 4 2 11 20 10.59525/aij.v4i2.342 Penyusunan Rencana Mitigasi Bencana dalam Upaya Penguatan Kapasitas Pengelola Wisata Desa Biting Kecamatan Badegan Kabupaten Ponorogo http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/343 <p>Tourism is a sector that can be relied upon to increase economic growth, so it is necessary to organize and manage tourist destinations well and professionally, the demand for professionalism is an important thing that must be realized for destinations for the sake of security and comfort so that the destination can run sustainably, in an effort In achieving these conditions, a problem arises, namely the unpreparedness of tourist destination managers for disaster events that can arise at any time without warning, which can disrupt the safety and comfort of travelers. This study aims to look at the efforts of tourism managers in preparing for disaster events through the concept of disaster mitigation. The method used in this study begins with a Focus Group Discussion activity to carry out several activities, including: 1). Mapping and creating information on village potential, 2). Forming a disaster task force, 3). Developing disaster response skills, 4). Simulation of disaster management, 5). Evaluation of disaster mitigation activities. From the activities carried out, we can see changes in understanding and increased mitigation skills possessed by tourist destination managers. This tells us that there is an increase in capacity experienced by tourism managers to become more skilled and capable.</p> Yusuf Adam Hilman Khoirurrosyidin Khoirurrosyidin Insyira Yusdiawan Azhar Helda Rivatul Mahmuddah Copyright (c) 2024 Yusuf Adam Hilman, Khoirurrosyidin Khoirurrosyidin, Insyira Yusdiawan Azhar, Helda Rivatul Mahmuddah https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-04-18 2024-04-18 4 2 21 26 10.59525/aij.v4i2.343 Rekayasa Penataan Lingkungan Permukiman Desa Mbarung http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/366 <table> <tbody> <tr> <td width="406"> <p>This community service project examines the settlement environmental planning in Desa Mbarung, Kecamatan Babussalam, Kabupaten Aceh Tenggara, Aceh Province. The focus of this study is to prioritize settlement environmental planning using the ArcGIS program, aiming to identify which development areas and types should be prioritized. Data analysis was conducted through direct field observation surveys and processed using Microsoft Excel before being entered into ArcGIS for visualization and prioritization. The survey covered various aspects, including geographical location, population density, housing conditions, accessibility, drainage, drinking water services, and wastewater disposal systems. The study results reveal the characteristics and criteria for each parameter of settlement environmental planning, as well as the necessary development priorities. Key findings include the percentage of residential buildings lacking adequate roofing, flooring, and walls according to technical standards; the percentage of roads not meeting technical requirements; the percentage of drainage networks in settlements having substandard quality; the percentage of the population lacking access to adequate drinking water facilities (both piped and protected non-piped sources); and the percentage of households without access to family or communal latrines (with five households per latrine).</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Jetno Harja Copyright (c) 2024 Jetno Harja https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-07-04 2024-07-04 4 2 27 38 10.59525/aij.v4i2.366 Sosialisasi dan Pelatihan Sertifikasi Produk Halal Pada Pelaku Usaha Makanan di Padukuhan Sumberan Kecamatan Ngaglik Kabupaten Sleman http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/368 <p>The government requires business actors to have a halal certificate by 2024. This PKM activity aims to socialize Law no. 33 of 2014 concerning Halal Product Guarantees, and business actors in Sumberan Hamlet, Ngaglik District, Sleman Regency, through socialization activities and halal certification training, are expected to be able to produce halal food products, thoyiban. This is because there is still a lack of business actors in Sumberan Hamlet who have halal certificates. The PKM method goes through an initial preparation stage, the implementation stage of PKM activities is carried out with lectures and a mentoring stage. PKM ran smoothly, participants were very enthusiastic about following stage by stage. Through this PKM, business actors in Sumberan Hamlet guarantee halal quality in their products in order to obtain halal certificates so that they can increase sales, and ultimately improve community welfare.</p> Hasim As’ari Abin Suarsa Eka Purnama Copyright (c) 2024 Hasim As’ari, Abin Suarsa, Eka Purnama https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-07-04 2024-07-04 4 2 39 42 10.59525/aij.v4i2.368 Pembekalan Strategi Manajemen dalam Menghadapi Tantangan Perekonomian Usaha di Era Digital http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/372 <p>Field surveys were used in this Community Service initiative to gain further understanding of customer preferences, market trends, and areas of improvement needed by their companies. The devotion team managed to obtain important information from customers and business owners during the initial interviews to analyze the problems faced. A number of solutions were created to improve Angkringan's business performance once the problems were identified. Improvements in finance, marketing, promotion, expansion of premises and facilities, better sales strategies, product innovation, better customer service, and customer relationship maintenance are some examples of such actions. It is expected that these activities will improve service quality, increase customer satisfaction, and increase market share. This will help the business stay relevant and compete in a competitive market while enhancing customer relationships and improving overall business performance.</p> Zulfa Zakiatul Hidayah Erin Soleha Abdul Latif Fiqih Maria Rabiatul Hariroh Nadia Meirani Copyright (c) 2024 Zulfa Zakiatul Hidayah, Erin Soleha, Abdul Latif, Fiqih Maria Rabiatul Hariroh, Nadia Meirani https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-07-05 2024-07-05 4 2 43 48 10.59525/aij.v4i2.372 Implementation of Oriented-Project Planning in the Development of Cultural Assets in Residency Infrastructure Writing Cultural Stories of the Pacitan Smart Community http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/374 <p>This article discusses the implementation of Oriented-Project Planning (OPP) in the development of cultural assets through a writing residency infrastructure for cultural stories in the Pacitan Cerdas Community. This community service program aims to enhance the appreciation and understanding of local culture and develop writing skills for cultural stories. The methodology includes result-oriented project planning, writing training, and intensive mentoring. The results indicate that the application of OPP significantly improves participants' writing skills and produces written works that reflect the richness of local culture. Additionally, this program strengthens community networks and promotes Pacitan culture to a broader audience. In conclusion, the implementation of OPP in cultural asset development provides a positive contribution to the preservation and promotion of local culture through the writing residency infrastructure.</p> Ica Purnamasari R. Anggia Listyaningrum Rezka Arina Rahma Eka Putri Surya Alby Aruna Adinda Marcelliantika Copyright (c) 2024 Ica Purnamasari, R. Anggia Listyaningrum, Rezka Arina Rahma, Eka Putri Surya, Alby Aruna, Adinda Marcelliantika https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-07-06 2024-07-06 4 2 49 60 10.59525/aij.v4i2.374 Implementation of Generative Asset Platform Governance for Optimizing Social Media Branding Assets in the Pacitan Smart Community http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/376 <p>The implementation of generative asset platform management for optimizing social media branding assets in the Pacitan Cerdas Community aims to enhance the effectiveness of branding strategies and community engagement on social media. This program integrates generative asset technology with good governance to produce consistent, engaging, and relevant social media content. Methods include technical training for community members, development and implementation of the generative asset platform, and performance evaluation through social media metrics analysis. The results show a significant increase in interaction and user engagement. The implementation of this management system is expected to support the development of a strong digital identity and expand the community's reach on social media.</p> Eka Putri Surya Mohamad Firzon Ainur Roziqin Linda Agustin Ningrum Iriaji Iriaji Adinda Marcelliantika Alby Aruna Ginanjar Atma Wijaya Copyright (c) 2024 Eka Putri Surya, Mohamad Firzon Ainur Roziqin, Linda Agustin Ningrum, Iriaji Iriaji, Adinda Marcelliantika, Alby Aruna, Ginanjar Atma Wijaya https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-07-06 2024-07-06 4 2 61 70 10.59525/aij.v4i2.376 Increasing Community Awareness of the Calculation of Cost of Goods Sold for Banjarsari Tape Production Through the Development of a Dynamic Guidebook http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/377 <p>Increasing community awareness of the calculation of the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for tape production in Banjarsari through the development of a dynamic guidebook aims to enhance local producers' understanding and skills in accurately calculating COGS. This program involves creating an interactive and easy-to-understand guidebook, which includes steps for calculating COGS and the influencing factors. Methods include the preparation of guidebook materials, technical training for producers, and evaluation of the guidebook's effectiveness through user feedback. Results show a significant improvement in producers' ability to calculate COGS and manage production costs. The implementation of this program is expected to support the development of a more efficient and competitive tape industry in Banjarsari Village.</p> Linda Agustin Ningrum Mohamad Firzon Ainur Roziqin Eka Putri Surya Abdul Rahman Prasetyo Alby Aruna Adinda Marcelliantika Ginanjar Atma Wijaya Copyright (c) 2024 Linda Agustin Ningrum, Mohamad Firzon Ainur Roziqin, Eka Putri Surya, Abdul Rahman Prasetyo, Alby Aruna, Adinda Marcelliantika, Ginanjar Atma Wijaya https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-07-06 2024-07-06 4 2 71 80 10.59525/aij.v4i2.377 Accelerating the Competitiveness of Banjarsari Village Tape Industry Products Through Training and Diversification of Tape Smoothies Products with Potential for Income Generating http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/378 <p>The acceleration of the competitive edge of the tape industry in Banjarsari Village through training and product diversification of income-generating Tape Smoothies aims to enhance local producers' skills and knowledge in creating innovative products. This program involves technical training in the production of Tape Smoothies, combining tape with smoothie ingredients to create a healthy and delicious beverage. Methods include workshops, live demonstrations, and production outcome evaluations. Results show a significant improvement in production skills and innovation capabilities of local producers. The implementation of this program is expected to support product diversification, increase competitiveness, and expand the market for tape products in Banjarsari Village.</p> Annisa Ayu Salsabila Eka Putri Surya Alby Aruna Abdul Rahman Prasetyo Adinda Marcelliantika Copyright (c) 2024 Annisa Ayu Salsabila, Eka Putri Surya, Alby Aruna, Abdul Rahman Prasetyo, Adinda Marcelliantika https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-07-06 2024-07-06 4 2 81 90 10.59525/aij.v4i2.378 Pelatihan dan Pendampingan Penggunaan Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia dalam Tayangan Teks Liturgi Ibadah di Jemaat GKI Diaspora Kotaraja Dalam Jayapura http://journal.civiliza.org/index.php/aij/article/view/382 <p>The representation of the function of language in the field of religion and spirituality is marked by the use of Indonesian in various forms of church services. This also applies to the GKI in Tanah Papua, especially in the service (diakonia) of the GKI church in Tanah Papua which is known as the Tri Vocations of the Church, namely fellowship, witness and service. All service activities require Indonesian as an effective and meaningful communication tool. One of them is the use of correct Indonesian spelling in the presentation of praise song texts by the Church's Media Team. The target for this training and mentoring is the GKI Diaspora Multimedia Team in Kotaraja Dalam. The initial survey (interview on Wednesday, 26 July 2023) with the GKI Diaspora Multimedia Team Kotaraja- Dalam showed that the team's activities in editing the text of the songs were not based on the applicable General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling (PUEBI). Training activities were held on Monday, July 31 2023, at the GKI Diaspora Multi-Purpose Building, Kotaraja Dalam. Implementation time is 16.00—18.00 WIT. The activity was attended by 8 participants. Apart from that, mentoring was also carried out for 4 days via telephone communication, starting from 31 July to 3 August 2023. In the mentoring activity, training participants were challenged to edit spelling errors and writing word combinations in the Congregational Songbook of 300 song texts. The results of the observations showed that the participants were serious enough to improve. Within one week, 20 texts of the Congregational Song Songs were returned which had been edited and within 1 month the edited results of 300 Congregation Song Song texts were obtained. The text editing completion rate is considered successful. The completion rate for text editing in the first week of August 2023 reached 6.7% with the training participants' level of understanding of the material being (60%) in the sufficient category. There was a significant increase in performance and understanding in the 4th week of August by 100% with very good criteria. Thus, it is concluded that training and mentoring techniques can improve the GKI Diaspora Kotaraja Multimedia Team's proficiency in writing capital letters, punctuation marks and word combinations in accordance with the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling.service issues undertaken / researched. Abstracts include reasons for the selection of topics or the importance of research topics / community service, methods of research / devotion and outcome summary. The abstract should end with a comment about the importance of the result or a brief conclusion.</p> Aleda Mawene Meggy Merlin Mokay Copyright (c) 2024 Aleda Mawene, Meggy Merlin Mokay https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 2024-07-13 2024-07-13 4 2 91 98 10.59525/aij.v4i2.382