Journal of Economics and Social Sciences (JESS) 2024-06-29T04:29:30+00:00 Fitra Rizal Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Journal of Economics and Social Sciences (JESS)</strong> is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (every June and December) by CV. Civiliza Publishing. Journal of Economics and Social Sciences (JESS) accepts original scientific papers that have never been published. The discussion in this journal includes: Economics; Business; Finance; Philanthropy; Social Science; Public; and others within the scope of economics studies.</p> <p>P-ISSN <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2830-5337</a><br />E-ISSN <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2830-5264</a></p> <p>It is located at: Ponorogo East Java Indonesia, Email:</p> Faktor yang Mempengarui Kinerja Karyawan Pusat Belanja Sumber Murah Magetan 2024-06-28T04:17:33+00:00 Enfila Prihayatni Fitra Rizal <p><strong>Introduction/Main Objectives:</strong> This research aims to determine the influence of Islamic Compensation and Work Environment on the performance of Employees at the Sumber Murah Magetan Shopping Center partially and simultaneously. <strong>Research Methods:</strong> The method used in this research is quantitative, with data collection techniques in the form of distributing questionnaires to 50 employees of Sumber Murah Magetan. The instrument testing techniques in this research are the classical assumption test and multiple regression analysis, including the coefficient of determination test, t-test, f-test. <strong>Finding/Results: </strong>This research shows that (1) work discipline partially has a positive and significant effect on employee performance. (2) Islamic compensation partially positively and significantly affects employee performance. (3) the work environment partially has a positive and insignificant effect on employee performance. <strong>Conclusion:</strong>To improve the quality of employee performance, Sumber Murah can focus on increasing employee discipline and job satisfaction and creating a more comfortable work environment to achieve optimal performance results.</p> 2024-06-28T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Economics and Social Sciences (JESS) Principles of Ice Cream Cone Production in an Islamic Economic Perspective in Pacitan Home Industries 2024-06-29T04:29:30+00:00 Erika Fitrandawati <p><strong>Introduction/Main Objectives:</strong> This research aims to determine ice cream cones' production and production principles "Proceed Established" Pacitan home industry. <strong>Research Methods:</strong> The method used in this research is qualitative, data collection is by field research, including interviews, observation, and documentation with business owners and employees of the Pacitan "Proceed Established" ice cream cone production. <strong>Finding/Results: </strong>The results of this research 1) the production of "Maju Mapan" ice cream cones functions of labor, materials, capital, organization/management, and technology. 2) Based on the production principles applied, they are in understanding with Islamic production principles: creating quality ice cream cones, halal, and tayyib; implementing justice to all employees and meeting consumer demand and satisfaction; not committing acts of exploitation and exploration of existing natural resources; intertwine good relations or ties of friendship between business owners, workers and consumers; free in the use of materials and technology by paying attention to whether it is halal or not violate sharia, and freely manage business income and expenses; Responsible for all production activities which is conducted. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>Institutions are advised to arrange halal product certification and include production raw materials and expiry dates on the packaging.</p> 2024-06-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Journal of Economics and Social Sciences (JESS)