Persepsi dan Kecemasan Mahasiswa D3 Keperawatan dalam Menghadapi Exam di Akper Kesdam 1/Bukit Barisan Pematangsiantar


  • Eva Anita Yunia Akademi Keperawatan Kesdam 1, Bukit Barisan Pematangsiantar


Perception, Anxiety, Exam


This research aims to analyze the perceptions and anxiety of D3 Nursing students in facing exams at Akper Kesdam 1/Bukit Barisan Pematangsiantar. The design of this research is a type of analytical descriptive research that has a cross sectional approach. moderate perception related to the exit exam, while the majority of them, as much as 48.7%, experienced moderate levels of anxiety when facing the exam. The research results also show that there is a significant relationship between students' perceptions about leaving the exam and their level of anxiety when facing the exam, with a p value of 0.000 which is less than 0.05. In addition, the strength of the relationship between the two variables is considered strong, with a correlation coefficient of 0.708.